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Keana is a passionate artist who has explored numerous creative paths throughout her life. From a young age, she exhibited a deep interest in various art-related disciplines, ranging from fine art to animation, architecture to graphic design, and even culinary arts. Keana's relentless pursuit of artistic growth and her unwavering dedication to honing her skills have been the driving forces behind her journey as an artist.

Her educational journey began with a focus on graphic design, as she recognized the power of visual communication and storytelling through this medium. However, her path took an exciting turn when she discovered her profound passion for tattooing. The art of tattooing resonated deeply with Keana, offering a unique opportunity to create meaningful, lasting artwork directly on the human canvas.

While open to exploring a wide range of styles, Keana has developed a strong affinity for the illustrative style. Her tattoos possess a captivating quality, blending vivid imagery, intricate details, and a touch of storytelling. Keana's illustrative style breathes life into her designs, evoking emotions and creating a connection between the art and the wearer.

In addition to her illustrative work, Keana also specializes in micro-realism. This intricate style demands exceptional attention to detail, capturing the essence of objects or subjects in a remarkably realistic and minute manner. Her dedication to precision and her ability to create intricate compositions make her micro-realism tattoos truly remarkable.

Continually pushing herself to explore new artistic territories, Keana is currently working toward developing a more contemporary style. By integrating modern influences and innovative techniques, she seeks to infuse her tattoos with a fresh and unique aesthetic, aligning them with the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.

If you're searching for an artist who brings a diverse artistic background, a passion for growth, and an openness to explore various styles, Keana is the artist for you. Her ability to seamlessly blend illustrative elements with micro-realism, as well as her ongoing exploration of contemporary aesthetics, make her an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a tattoo that embodies their unique vision and speaks to their individuality.



Minimum $60

*Price varies depending on design & size


Instagram:  keana.6tattoo


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