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Tattoo Artist / Piercer

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Carrie Shan

Carrie is a talented tattoo artist who has taken a unique and inspiring journey to find her true passion in life. With a strong educational background, she holds a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from Texas Christian University (TCU) and an MBA in Logistic and Supply Chain from the University of North Texas (UNT).

After completing her education, Carrie embarked on a successful career as an Operations Manager, working for renowned companies such as Amazon and Uber Freight. 

However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a time of reflection and introspection for Carrie. Fueled by her desire for self-discovery and a yearning for artistic expression, she made the bold decision to leave her corporate career behind and embark on a transformative journey around the world.

During her travels, Carrie found herself captivated by the diverse forms of art she encountered. It was during this time that she stumbled upon the world of tattoos and experienced a profound revelation. The rich symbolism, intricate designs, and deeply personal narratives behind tattoos resonated with her on a profound level, sparking a newfound passion within her.

Determined to explore this newfound passion further, Carrie sought out an apprenticeship under the guidance of Leo Gao, a master tattoo artist renowned for his exceptional skill and artistic vision. Under Leo's mentorship, Carrie honed her craft, refining her technique and developing her own unique artistic style. She eagerly soaked up knowledge and wisdom from her mentor, continually pushing herself to learn and grow as an artist.

Carrie's journey from the corporate world to the realm of tattoo artistry is a testament to her courage, determination, and unwavering pursuit of self-discovery. As she continues to evolve as an artist, she invites you to join her on this extraordinary journey, where creativity knows no bounds and self-expression is beautifully etched into the skin.


Minimum $100, Charge by piece

*Price varies depending on design & size


Instagram:  @shan.6tattoo


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