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Tips Before Your Appointment 
Getting a new tattoo can be exciting and uneasy at the same time, but here are some tips to help you prepare for your tattoo appointment. 


An artist may not tattoo a person younger than 18 without meeting the requirements of 25 Texas Administrative Code, §229.406(c), whose parent or guardian determines it to be in the best interest of the minor child to cover an existing tattoo.

   We do NOT recommend you getting a tattoo if you are

  1. Taking antibiotic (This may cause you to bleed more and not good for retaining the ink under your skin) 

  2. During menstrual period (This will not affect the tattoo but generally you will be more sensitive)

  3. Heavy drinking the night before (WE DO NOT TATTOO ANYONE UNDER INFLUENCE) 

   At the day of your tattoo

  1. Please arrive on time, your artist may have a very tight schedule, your late arrival may cause delay to the next customer

  2. Please wear something comfortable, preferably loose and easy to show the area you are tattooing. If your tattooed area is close to your private parts, you can bring anything that makes you feel more comfortable like a bikini, or pasties, or t-string underwear. (We will try our best to use folding screens to protect your privacy, but please be aware we do have an open studio)

  3. If you are getting a tattoo on your back, you can wear a button down shirt so it can be easily wear it backwards to cover your front

  4. You may shave the area you are getting the tattoo, but don’t worry if you forget, we have razor at our shop so you can also shave the area when you come in for your tattoo appointment

  5. Numbing creams: you may be tempted to use numbing creams to easy the pain of the tattoo. However, we do not recommend using it since the cream or gel doesn’t actually numb the area, it only dulls the pain and it makes the skin very firm and hard for the needle to penetrate so it can be hard for the artist to make smooth lines and extend the tattooing process.

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