Basic Tattoo Training Class

Learn everything necessary to start tattooing from scratch

6 Tattoo Studio is dedicated to providing professional hands-on tattoo training in a fun interactive classroom. 

Specializing in delicate, precise line work, our master tattoo artist Leo Gao will teach you everything from Safety & Sanitation, the assembly of the machine, work table, types of needles, and basic techniques when drawing, shading and painting on the skin. You will be given the opportunity to work on fake skins as well as live models. 


  • Who is this class for?

Anyone who is interested in getting started in the art of tattooing and learning the techniques and basic fundamentals of tattoo. No prior knowledge is necessary. 

  • Course Outline

  1. Intro to tattoo machines and needles

  2. How to set up your tattoo station

  3. Tattoo Process

  4. Basic Tattoo Techniques 

  5. Tattoo Aftercare

  6. Basic tattoo design using Procreate (You will need an iPad and an apple pen) 

  7. Basic Photoshop skill to print your design

  • Schedule:

This is a 3-day intensive training course. 

Next Class Time: October 7, 8, 9th, 10am to 5pm 

Course will normally take place during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Specific dates may vary from month to month. 


  • Course size: 

In order to ensure the quality of the training, the class size is limited to 5 people max. Spots are assigned as a first come first serve base.

  • Location:

6 Tattoo Studio, 16601 Addison Rd Ste 103, Addison, TX 75001

  • Price:

$3500 (includes a professional tattoo kits) 

$1000 non-refiundable deposit required to secure a spot, the rest $2500 due on the first day of the class. 

Payment method accepted: Cash, Venmo.

  • What are included in the professional Tattoo Kit?

This course includes a complete set of professional tattoo equipment to help you get started, which includes:

  • 1 Tattoo Machine and power supply

  • 20 Pcs Magnolia Tattoo cartridge needles (0803RL, 1003RL, 1005RL, 1203RL)

  • 1 oz bottle of Dynamic black ink

  • 1 Grip Wrap

  • 1 bag of ink cups

  • 1 Tattoo practice skin 

  • 1 pair of gloves

  • 1 Spirit Stencil Paper

Items we will provide at the class but you will need to buy your own for your career (we will go over these in details in the class as well)

  • Stencil transfer machine

  • Vaseline

  • Stencil transfer cream (Stencil Stuff)

  • Wash Bottle and Soap Dispense bottle 

  • Alcohol Pads


Please note: Although an iPad and Apple Pencil are NOT REQUIRED in order to design tattoos, they are highly recommended. Designing custom tattoos for your clients will be significantly easier if done in PROCREATE on an iPad. They are NOT NECESSARY to begin your career, however if possible, this is a recommended investment.

Our Previous Classes


1. Maximum 5 students per class to ensure one on one attention from the instructor
2. Systematically learn the entire tattoo process, build a solid knowledge base, set yourself up for success 
3. Learn the most up to date information in the Tattoo Industry from the master
4. The master will share his personal past expereince and address common mistakes new learners make, so you don't make the same mistakes
5. Depends on your progress, you may have opportunity to tattoo a person under the instructor's supervision during the class


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