Advanced Tattoo Training Class

If you have tattooed for a while but want to advance your techniques or skills, this class is desgined for you! Our Advanced class will be tailored to experienced tatto artists, no matter what style you do! 

Course Outline:

  • One on one consulting with Leo. He will answer all your tattoo questions, not only related to fine line tattoo techniques

  • Learn detailed tattoo techniques from our master tattoo artist Leo (including our most popular fine line and floral tattoo techniques)

  • Live demonstration from Leo

  • Tattoo a model under Leo's supervison, so he can give you advise and answer your questions during the process 

Next Class Time: Feb. 10-11, 2023 and Feb 12-13, 2023

Location: The Collective by Sweetpea Aesthetics (591 UT-198, Salem, UT 84653)


Price: 2 days, $2800, $1000 deposit required (All non-refundable)

NOT include any tattoo machines or supplies 

Bring your works and all your tattoo machines and supplies, so the instructor can give you advise on the best suitable machine and needles for you. 

Our Previous Classes


1. Maximum 5 students per class to ensure one on one attention from the instructor
2. One on one consultation to ensure the course information is tailored to your need
3. Learn the most up to date tattoo trends and techniques in the Tattoo Industry from the master
4. The master will share his personal past expereince and address common mistakes students make, so you don't make the same mistakes



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