Basic Tattoo Training Class

If you are interested in learning tattoo from the very basics, this is for you! No previous expereince needed! 

Course Outline:

  • Intro to tattoo machines and needles

  • How to set up your tattoo station

  • Tattoo Process

  • Basic Tattoo Techniques 

  • Tattoo Aftercare

  • Basic tattoo design using Procreate (You will need an iPad and an apple pen) 

  • Basic Photoshop skill to print your design

Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Price: 3 days $3500, deposit $1000 (All non refundable)

Includes one set of tattoo start kit (one tattoo machine, and basic tattoo supplies)


1. Maximum 5 students per class to ensure one on one attention from the instructor
2. Systematically learn the entire tattoo process, build a solid knowledge base, set yourself up for success 
3. Learn the most up to date information in the Tattoo Industry from the master
4. The master will share his personal past expereince and address common mistakes new learners make, so you don't make the same mistakes
5. Depends on your progress, you may have opportunity to tattoo a person under the instructor's supervision during the class


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