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Tattoo Artist

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Since her childhood, Kat allowed her strong passion for art to flourish by studying various art books and inspirational artists around her. She began creating art for others by selling customized art commissions, specializing in manga and chibi style, for several years while studying various topics in university. Eventually, she fell in love with tattooing and decided to pursue her dreams of creating a career in art as a tattoo artist.

Highly focused and detail-oriented, Kat aspires to create large tattoo pieces involving florals, asian themes, and any other style that invokes mental healing, inner peace, and self-acceptance for her clients. Her favorite tattoo styles are fineline, Japanese, and neotraditional.

Outside of tattooing, Kat has a B.S. in Psychology and studied Electrical Engineering for 3 years.


Minimum $60

*Price varies depending on design & size


Instagram:  kat.6tattoo


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