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Ashley Dang

Ever since she was young, Ashley has always had an interest in pursing a career in the art industry. She started to take her art career seriously in 2013 and is proceeding to further develop her artistic skills and knowledge through various of medias including her tattoo work.


Throughout the years, she has had experience in photo realism, portraits, digital media, graphic design, photography, and anime/ manga illustrations. All of Ashley's artistic creations, including tattoos, are a well representation of her determination and passion. As for her tattoo work, she specializes in fine line floral designs as well as brush stroke/ oriental styles, but is open to tattooing in other styles, too.  

Ashley also provides permanent make up service such as ombre powder brows to clients. 


Price: $150/per hour, or charge by pieces

*Prices may vary base on size and details of the design


Instagram: tattooist.ashuri